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Be Cool, Scooby-Doo Series

Scooby-Doo was always meant to have an element of comedy, but this Scooby-Doo series has more humor than most, particularly poking fun at the general tropes of the Scooby-Doo series itself. Some of the main characters in the series were also changed slightly for this series, sometimes for comedy purposes. For example, Scooby and Shaggy are only bribed with Scooby Snacks during one particular episode in the first season of the show (which pokes fun at the whole trope of bribing them with snacks), Velma is repeatedly declared to have a fear of water which was not mentioned in other series (she also has a fear of clowns, which is a carry-over from What's New, Scooby-Doo?), and Fred supposedly has a fear of "widths" (which started in the first episode as a joke because he is not afraid of heights, only widths).

Of all of the characters, Daphne changed the most for this series. She is still somewhat "danger-prone" (she is physically clumsy and accident-prone), but unlike previous series, where her main interests are often fashion and popular culture, Daphne appears to be going through a finding herself phase, adopting new and strange hobbies in each episode of this series, just to try them. It becomes a running gag throughout the series that Daphne is sure to be doing something strange just because she wants to try a bizarre new hobby or experiment with her personal identity. Among the hobbies she tries are puppetry, falconry, stand-up comedy, and aviation. Sometimes, she also revisits things that she either misses from childhood or never got to try as a child, like slumber parties, winning scouting badges, and throwing herself a suprise birthday party. In the Christmas episode of the series, Daphne explains that her birthday is on Christmas, so she never had a real birthday party as a child. Personally, I really liked the changes in Daphne's character. As in other series, Daphne is from a wealthy family, and her family's wealth is sometimes used for jokes or as a plot point, enabling the kids to go to fancy parties or a castle that Daphne's family owns or do other things that would be difficult to explain otherwise. In past series, Daphne's obsession with clothes and makeup was seen as a natural part of being rich (or possibly the reasoning went the other way around). However, I found Daphne's finding herself phase and trying new and unusual hobbies in this series much more likeable and relatable than an interest in fashion. A small detail that helps to illustrate the change is that Daphne is no longer wearing heeled shoes in this series, trading them for a pair of pink tennis shoes that look like they would be much more practial and comfortable for mystery-solving and chase scenes. Another quality that Daphne has in this series is that she knows her friends very well and is good at encouraging them when they're discourage with the way that the mystery they're solving is going and at helping her friends to resolve personal conflicts and arguments, often pointing out to them what's really important about a situation and how they really feel.

Be Cool Scooby-Doo part 2

Another thing that is notable about this series is that many of the episodes are reworkings of ones from earlier series. Sometimes, they are variations on themes that are common throughout the Scooby-Doo franchise, but they are also often direct reworkings of earlier villains and situations. For example, Elias Kingston, who was a ghost haunting an old, abandoned mansion in the original Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! series, was rewritten as the ghost of the founder of a university Velma is considering attending in the first episode of this series.

A few of the episodes in this series also have jokes about deeper social issues. For instance, the first episode, where Velma is trying to get accepted to a prestigious college, Kingston University, pokes fun at the standards that real prestigious colleges and universities use when selecting students. The characters are frequently told that only students who are "Kingston material" will be accepted, but even though Velma asks what "Kingston material" means, the question is always dodged and even the statue of Elias Kingston in front of the school has a plaque that says that if you have to ask what "Kingston material" means, you're not "Kingston material." From the way that episodes in the series portray it, being "Kingston material" seems to be some combination of academic aptitude, personal wealth, family status, and the whims of the university president (who likes to set special challenges to test incoming students that he makes up himself), any of which could be a substitute for the other qualities.

In another episode, Velma has to run for mayor of a town in order to catch a ghost who is targeting candidates. Her campaign pokes fun at the way that elections are run and what people look for in a political candidate.

Besides being about personal jealousy, the episode that takes place in Japan also illustrates the fickleness of fashion and popularity. Daphne gets to set a popular fashion not by being good particularly at fashion but by wearing her jacket backwards and messing up the way she ties a kimono. ("I guess wrong is the new right.") Then, before the episode is over, she changes the fashion again by doing something different because, ultimately, fads are a strange mix of novelty and people copying other people.

In "Silver Scream", the owner of a movie studio talks about putting more stuff into his movies that young people want. The gang suggests health, hope, a secure future, education, environmental solutions, and love, but the studio owner is thinking of quadcopters. Most of the movies that the studio produces are remakes or sequels to old stuff, and newer things that they make are cheesy, embarrassing failures with dumbed-down humor.

"Silver Scream" is also interesting for its references to old silent movies. The silent movie actor who is supposedly haunting the studio, Archie Barnes, is patterned after real-life silent movie actor Buster Keaton. Arche's jokes and stunts were based on Buster Keaton's. This YouTube video, Buster Keaton - The Art of the Gag shows examples of Buster Keaton's stunts and explains more about how he did them.

Overall, I thought that this series was very funny, but it is not one of the longer-running Scooby-Doo series, partly because many fans didn't care for the animation style of the series, which somewhat resembles the animation style of Family Guy, which is a very different type of show. Many of the fans complained about the animation style, which is ironic because, in one of the episodes of the series, the characters see themselves as their original character designs in a fun house mirror, and they say that it's frightening.

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Order Episode Setting Monster Daphne's Hobby Description
1 Mystery 101 University Ghost Puppetry Velma is worried about getting into a prestigious university, but it may be academic unless they can stop the ghost of the school's founder from driving away all of the students. The ghost of Elias Kingston in this episode is based on the ghost in the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode "What the Hex Going On", although the plots of the two episodes are very different.
2 Game of Chicken Cave Ancient Enemy Narration Fred gets a frantic message from an old friend, saying that he's been attacked by an ancient warrior while exploring their cave ruins. Fred wants to find him and rescue him.
3 All Paws on Deck Ship Monster Diving Fred's cousin invites them to come on a cruise on his ship, and they have to save his cruise business from being ruined by sea monsters.
4 Poodle Justice Movie Set Mythological Creature Wearing a beard The gang is watching a tv mystery show called Poodle Justice being filmed at a strange apartment building that is decorated with gargoyles. Scooby-Doo struggles to get up the nerve to talk to the beautiful dog star of the series, and ends up having to save her and her show from a terrifying gargoyle come to life.
5 Grand Scam Stadium Ghost Being a mascot The gang visits a baseball stadium that Shaggy has come to since he was a kid and have to catch the ghost of a former player that is haunting the place.
6 Trading Chases Museum Mythological Creature Falconry The gang visits a museum to see an exhibit about mystery-solving, but their visit is interrupted by the strange things happening in the Egyptian exhibit. The Egyptian crocodile god, Sobek, is terrorizing the exhibit and anyone who gets close to the pharaoh's sarcophagus. Meanwhile, Fred and the museum guide have an argument about mystery-solving and leadership, so the two of them switch places while investigating the case, with the guide leading the gang and Fred leading a group of children who came to see the mystery exhibit.
7 Be Quiet, Scooby-Doo! Cave Monster Developing psychic abilities The gang visits a magnificent cave called the Crystal Canopy, which is filled with beautiful crystals that are extremely sensitive to sound. When a strange, bat-like creature tries to drive away the scientists studying the crystals, they must catch the creature while making as little noise as possible.
8 Party Like It's 1899 Mansion Ghost Role-playing Daphne and her friends are invited to attend a role-playing mystery party. The mystery game centers around a headless count that haunts the house, but while Scooby and Shaggy turn out to be surprisingly good at finding game clues while staying in character, Fred is the first to realize that the game has turned frighteningly real with a headless count who is not an actor.
9 Screama Donna Theater Ghost Playing instruments The gang tries to get tickets for a concert only to learn that the concert has both been sold out and may actually be cancelled due to the ghost of a singer haunting the old theater where it is supposed to take place. The gang goes undercover to catch the ghost as the opening act for the concert with each member playing a different instrument and Velma doing the vocals (despite not wanting to sing).
10 Kitchen Frighmare Restaurant Legendary Monster Stand-up comedy The gang visits a new cheese-themed restaurant, recently opened by Scooby and Shaggy. However, the restaurant's opening is threatened by the sudden appearance of a yeti, which drives off most of the restaurant staff. Velma struggles with trying to figure out what a yeti could possibly have to do with a cheese-themed restaurant, Scooby and Shaggy try to take the place of the waiters and give people food without taking any themselves, and Daphne uses her comedy routine to keep the diners happy and occupied until the chef can pull together a meal in spite of the yeti's interference.
11 Me, Myself, and A.I. Technology company Robot Convincing everyone to not depend on technology The gang visits a technology company and tries to stop a rampaging robot.
12 Area 51 Adjacent Government facility Alien Finding an alien for fun and adventure The gang's latest trip is interrupted when they encounter a guy in the desert, raving about aliens. They are taken to Area 53 (near Area 51) by government officials and questioned to find out if they might be aliens, but they end up having to save the base from the alien that the other guy saw.
13 Where There's a Will, There's a Wraith Mansion Ghost Slumber parties Scooby-Doo becomes one of the heirs to the estate of the owner of a jerky company because he saved the man's life (accidentally) awhile back. When the gang brings him to the mansion for the reading of the will, they are told that they and the other heirs have to stay there overnight in order to claim their inheritance, and a pair of green phantoms try to scare them away. This episode is a reimagining of the original Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode "A Night of Fright is No Delight."
14 Scary Christmas Small Town Ancient Enemy Throwing herself a birthday party Fred hopes to find a special Christmas-themed mystery (so he can "save Christmas" and maybe help orphans with big eyes) in a town that throws a special Christmas celebration only to find that the mystery in the town concerns a pterodactyl. Fred can't figure out what a pterodactyl has to do with Christmas, Velma keeps trying to convince him that it doesn't matter whether the mystery is appropriately themed to the holiday or not, and Daphne keeps trying to remind everyone that Christmas is also her birthday (which never gets celebrated every year because people keep forgetting) and throwing herself a party.
15 If You Can't Scooby-Doo the Time, Don't Scooby-Doo the Crime Prison Ghost Stealing (Fred's sandwich) The gang visits a prison that is run by a crime-solving idol of Fred's and have to investigate the ghost of a man who claimed to be falsely accused. Fred considers his views of justice when he falsely accuses Shaggy of stealing his sandwich and realizes that summary justice isn't really just.
16 Gremlin on a Plane Airplane Monster Flying The gang gets to be on a test flight of a new gigantic airplane with all kinds of luxuries, including an aquarium and petting zoo, but the plane is being sabotaged by a gremlin.
17 Sorcerer Snacks Scare Factory Wizard Trying to stop bribery The gang visits a factory that makes snacks that Scooby and Shaggy love, Sorcerer Snacks. However, the factory is haunted by a wizard, so it may have to close. To save the factory, the gang investigates, and Fred and Velma begin using the snacks in order to bribe Scooby and Shaggy into doing things that scare them. Daphne is tempted by the puppets that are used to advertise the snacks, but she is also concerned with the pattern of bribery that Velma and Fred are establishing. The gang's adventures lead the factory owner to develop a new snack: Scooby Snacks. More than one Scooby-Doo episode in past series has involved a visit to the factory where Scooby Snacks are made.
18 Saga of the Swamp Beast Swamp Monster Role-playing While on vacation in New Orleans, the gang investigates a monster in the swamp and its connection to a recent bank robbery. Meanwhile, Daphne is also giving the gang the creeps with her vampire role-playing.
19 Be Cold, Scooby-Doo! Ski resort Possessed Object Skiing and Trying to hit Fred with a snowball when he doesn't expect it The gang is at a ski resort that is being terrorized by a snowman come to life, supposedly created by a lonely weather scientist who is stationed nearby (along with a staff of servants).
20 Giant Problems Castle Mythological Creature Speaking with an accent Daphne's wealthy mother discovers that the family still owns a castle in Ireland, and the kids go to see it. However, it is being terrorized by a legendary giant.
21 Eating Crow Farm Possessed Object Adopting animals The gang stops at a farmers' market and learns that a scarecrow has come to life and is terrorizing a local farm. In an effort to impress the farmer's pretty daughter, Fred volunteers to investigate. Unfortunately, Velma is allergic to pretty much everything on the farm, and Daphne, envying Shaggy and Scooby's relationship, keeps trying to adopt every animal she finds as a pet.
22 I Scooby Scooby Do Wedding Ghost Being a bridesmaid The gang is taking part in the wedding of two friends at a bed-and-breakfast that is apparently haunted by a ghostly bride whose wedding party was killed at a nearby cliff. However, the bride is very superstitious, and the gang struggles to keep her from finding out about the ghost bride before they can catch it.
23 El Bandito Festival Ghost Contacting the spirit of an ancestor The gang is taking part in a Dia de Los Muertos celebration in a town where a famous bandit once lived. Fred knows a lot about the bandit's history and hopes to figure out where his treasure was hidden, but the bandit's ghost has returned with plans of his own.
24 Into the Mouth of Madcap Amusement Park Crazy Criminal Baby-sitting Daphne is looking after a friend's son, Wayne, and wants to take him to an amusement park for entertainment. The amusement park turns out to be plagued by a clown that went mad and is driving people away. Can the gang find this horrible clown and save the park with Velma's pathological fear of clowns and Wayne, who appears to be unimpressed by everything.
25 The Norse Case Scenario Camping Ghost Scouting The gang is camping out but are confronted by terrifying Viking ghosts that seem to have come from a nearby archaeological dig. Meanwhile, Daphne is determined to (unofficially) get all the scouting badges that she can because her mother never let her join the scouts when she was young.
26 The People vs. Fred Jones Court Monster Practicing law Fred is accused of being the monster that the gang most recently investigated and is arrested and put on trial. Daphne becomes his defense lawyer, and the gang tries to save Fred's reputation and keep him from being sent to prison.
27 Some Fred Time Beach House Monster Obsessed with house rules Fred becomes paranoid and obsessed with solving mysteries and refuses to sleep. The gang takes him to Daphne's parents' beach house, to relax, but the beach is being terrorized by a shark monster.
28 There Wolf Animal Hospital Legendary Monster Miming Scooby isn't feeling well and has lost his appetite, so the gang takes him to an animal hospital. When they find out that there is a werewolf loose in the hospital, the others try to catch it while Scooby rests.
29 Renn Scare Renaissance Fair Ghost Inventing inventions that have already been invented The gang visits a Renaissance Festival that Velma has enjoyed since she was a kid. They must solve the mystery of a ghostly jester while using only items from the Renaissance.
30 How to Train Your Coward Town Legendary Monster Playing Trombone (briefly) After Scooby and Shaggy are injured on a case, they want to quit the gang. However, to help the gang, they try to find replacements for themselves as the gang investigates a vampire.
31 Worst in Show Dog Show Monster Dog training Scooby persuades the others to attend a dog show, but the show is threatened by a giant hound.
32 Mysteries on the Disorient Express Train Mythological Creature Sharpening her senses by blocking others The gang takes a train trip, but there are several different monsters and mythological creatures on board. What do each of these creatures have to do with each other, and why are they on the train?
33 Halloween Town Witch Convincing Velma to celebrate Halloween, dressing as a Velma zombie On Halloween, the gang spots a witch that had frightened Fred while he was trick-or-treating as a child. But, can they figure out the secret of the witch and set Fred's old fears to rest?
34 The Curse of Kaniaku Japan Monster Wearing clothes in unusual ways The gang visits a friend of Velma's in Japan and tries to stop a giant crab monster that is attacking the city. While Velma was in Japan before for a science competition, she became a kind of meme, but on this visit, Daphne becomes a style sensation after wearing her kimono wrong, cancelling out Velma's popularity, and Velma has to cope with her jealousy.
35 Vote Velma Town Ghost Campaign Management In Littlefield, the ghost of the town's founder is frightening away the candidates trying to run for mayor. As part of the gang's plan to trap the ghost, Velma decides to pose as bait and run for mayor. There are a lot of jokes about the way that elections are run and what people look for in a political candidate.
36 Scroogey Doo England Ghost The gang goes to England because Velma has to give a speech, and they meet a man named Scrooge who is being plagued by ghosts. However, the ghosts seem to be trying to give messages to Velma, telling her that being the with gang is keeping her from achieving everything that she could achieve by herself. Are the ghosts right that Velma would be better off without her friends, or is there more going on than even Velma realizes?
37 In Space Space Alien Fred accidentally parks the Mystery Machine on the loading dock of the space station, and the gang is accidentally launched into outer space with the station. Worse still, it seems like an alien virus has infected the space station crew, turning them into aliens with skull heads. The skull aliens in this episode are based on the Scooby-Doo Where Are You! episode "Spooky Space Kook", although the plots of the two episodes are very different.
38 Doo Not Disturb Hotel Ghost Feng Shui The gang stops at a hotel in order to get out of a bad snowstorm, but it turns out to be a very strange place. There are a lot of weird rules they have to follow, posted on signs all over the hotel, and if anyone breaks the rules, the hotel manager's mother will return from the dead to enforce the rules
39 Silver Scream Movie set Ghost Being a tour guide The gang visits a movie studio in Hollywood and encounters the ghost of silent film actor.
40 Fright of Hand Club Monster Rollerskating Fred joins a club for magicians because he's always wanted to become a magician, but his magical performance is threatened by a giant mutant rabbit.
41 Greece is the Word Greece Mythological Creature Failing at being a servant While the gang is taking refuge from an attacking harpy in an ancient Greek building, Velma finds a scroll about mystery solvers in the past who faced a spider monster in the same place. Learning about how the past mystery solvers faced their monster helps the gang to deal with the present one.
42 American Goth Club Monster Encouraging empathy Shaggy has had a crush on a girl named Amelia for years, but Amelia has become a goth, and Shaggy isn't sure how he feels about it. Amelia and Shaggy go to a goth club together so he can learn more about goths, but the club is attacked by a plant monster.
43 Omelettes are Forever Crazy Criminal A British spy persuades the gang to help her catch a pair of super villains who are trying to get rid of breakfast as a meal forever.
44 Ghost in the Mystery Machine Possessed Object The Mystery Machine seems to be possessed and is out to get the gang. How do they fight their own van? This episode has the same concept as the What's New, Scooby-Doo? episode "It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine."
45 Naughty or Ice Hotel Ancient Enemy Daphne's wealthy parents have opened an ice-themed hotel at a place where a caveman was found frozen in ice. However, it seems that the caveman has thawed out and come back to life, and for some reason, Daphne seems to be sneaking around, doing things behind the backs of her friends. The caveman-come-back-to-life concept is similar to the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode "Scooby's Night with a Frozen Fright."
46 Night of the Upsetting Shorts Retirement Home Monster Shaggy takes his friends to visit his grandmother at a nursing home in Florida. Hoping to impress his grandmother, Shaggy tries to convince her the leads his gang of friends and that he's dating Daphne. Their visit is interrupted by the appearance of an ape man. An ape man also appeared in the Scooby-Doo Where Are You! episode "Never Ape an Ape Man."
47 Junkyard Dogs Garbage Dump Monster Scooby meets up with an old dog friend, Axel, who is now a police dog. Axel looks down on Scooby because of his pride in his job, but perhaps Scooby can prove that he's just as good by helping his friends to solve the mystery of a trash monster at a local dump.
48 Protein Titans 2 Video Game Company Ghost Velma is offered a job working for a video game company, but she doesn't know if she wants to accept it because she wouldn't be able to travel around with her friends if she did. The gang visits the company to help Velma get a look at the job and make up her mind, and a ghost villain from the game she would be working on comes to life and attacks the company.
49 World of Witchcraft Salem, Massachusetts Mythological Creature The gang visits Salem, Massachusetts during a festival focusing on the famous witchcraft trials that took place there. A demon begins terrorizing the town, and people think that it must have been sent by a witch as revenge. The gang investigates, but Daphne's apparent defense of witches causes people to suspect them as well.
50 Professor Huh? Part 1 Crazy Criminal Fred is competitive with a childhood friend named Rose, who also has a gang that solves mysteries. The competition between them heats up as they investigate a recent prison escapee who turns out to actually be Fred's father, and the gang learns that Rose was the one who sent him to prison.
51 Professor Huh? Part 6 3/4 Crazy Criminal Rose tries to frame the gang for helping Fred's father to escape from prison, and they struggle to prove their innocent and to expose Rose for the fraud she is.
52 Pizza O'Possum's Arcade Robot Shaggy has always wanted to win the stuffed dog called Pizza Pup at the video arcade, but the arcade's electronic mascot, Pizza O'Possum, has taken on a life of its own and is terrorizing the arcade.
53 The Curse of Half-Beard's Booty Restaurant Ghost The gang goes to a seafood restaurant and meets up with a villain they had met before, Captain Cutler, who is now apparently living an honest life as a restaurant waiter. However, a pirate ghost is trying to scare people away from the restaurant. Captain Cutler is originally from the Scooby-Doo Where Are You! episode "A Clue for Scooby-Doo."