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Mystery Incorporated

The series takes place in an alternate reality and is much darker than other series. Unlike most of the other Scooby-Doo series, this one also has an overarching storyline, so the mysteries that the characters solve are not just episodes that stand by themselves. With each mystery the gang solves, they get pieces of the large puzzle. The smaller mysteries follow the usual format of unmasking a villain who is a human disguised as a supernatural creature, but the overarching mystery involves real supernatural forces.

In the alternate reality where the character live in this series, they are living in the town of Crystal Cove. The town actively promotes the stories of hauntings and mysterious incidents that have happened there in order to attract tourists, and many of the adults don't appreciate the way that the gang debunks various strange incidents as the activity of criminals and fakers instead of real paranormal activity.

However, the kids continue their investigations anyway, and they learn that their town is hiding some very serious secrets and wider conspiracies. Among the secrets that they learn, they discover that, a generation ago, there was another gang of mystery-solving teenagers who lived in their town but that this particular group fell apart due to internal squabbles and their current whereabouts are unknown. Before these kids grew up and disappeared, they learned many of the secrets that the current gang is investigating, secrets that go back to the original founding of the town. As the gang tries to find out what dangerous secrets the earlier kids learned and what eventually happened to them, they realize that their lives are following the same pattern as the earlier group. They are also having internal struggles. Shaggy and Velma are dating, but their relationship is awkward and plagued with arguments, and Scooby-Doo and Velma are jealous of each other because they have to share Shaggy's time and attention. Meanwhile, Daphne is in love with Fred, but it takes him a long time to notice and admit that he has feeling for her, too. Fred also shockingly learns that the mayor of the town, who he has always thought was his father, is not actually his real father. His real parents were two of the members of the earlier gang of mystery-solving kids, who are now missing. Also, that group and their are just the last two groups in a whole series of mystery-solving kids with talking animal friends that have lived in their town for generations.

Through their continued investigations, the gang actually learns that the reality that they are in is actually an alternate reality and that their lives are different from the ones that they would have had otherwise. The secret behind this alternate reality is a curse that has plagued their town for centuries, and if they don't solve it soon, real paranormal forces will destroy them all!

By the end of the series, they do solve the mystery of the curse and reset reality to its true timeline. Some of the characters who had appeared as villains are actually nice in the true reality because they were corrupted by the curse in the alternate reality, and the gang's relationships with each other are restored.

Throughout the series, there are references to episodes and characters from other Scooby-Doo series and pop culture references to other movies and series.

Table of Episodes

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Order Episode Setting Monster Description
1 Beware the Beast from Below Caves Monster The gang investigates a slime mutant that lives in the caves beneath their town. In the larger mystery, they learn about a mysterious person who calls himself "Mr. E" and find a mysterious locket that looks like a magnifying glass.
2 The Creeping Creatures Town Monster Acting on a suggestion from Mr. E, the kids investigate Gator People in another town.
3 The Secret of the Ghost Rig Town Possessed Object A Ghost Truck is terrorizing drivers on the highway near town, and for some reason, crystal doorknobs are also being stolen.
4 Revenge of the Man Crab Beach Monster Daphne is kidnapped from a volleyball tournament by a giant crab, and the gang must rescue her! In the larger mystery, they learn the indentities of the boy and girl whose pictures are in the locket.
5 The Song of Mystery Town Monster A monster is turning children in town into monsters.
6 The Legend of Alice May School Ghost Fred is interested in a new girl at school called Alice May. Daphne is jealous, but then they learn that Alice May is actually a ghost who makes her prom dates disappear! In the larger mystery, Mr. E starts preparing the gang to learn the secrets behind the earlier gang of mystery-solving kids.
7 In Fear of the Phantom Concert Ghost Velma is excited about the upcoming Hex Girls concert, but a phantom is trying to sabotage the band.
8 The Grasp of the Gnome Renaissance Fair Mythological Creature A gnome is attacking people wearing pirate costumes at a Renaissance fair because they are not dressing appropriately for the period. In the larger mystery, the gang receives a picture of the full earlier mystery-solving gang and their pet parrot, Professor Pericles.
9 Battle of the Humungonauts Town Monster Giant monsters are attacking the town, particularly focusing on properties owned by a pair of insurerers.
10 Howl of the Fright Hound Town Monster When the town is attacked by a monster dog, the sheriff arrests Scooby-Doo and puts him in an asylum for insane animals. There, the gang encounters Professor Pericles. They are able to clear Scooby's name, and Professor Pericles breaks free from the prison.
11 The Secret Serum Town Legendary Monster The gang has been breaking apart. A vampire is stealing things around town, and the girls suspect that it might really be Daphne's mother.
12 The Shrieking Madness School Monster The gang starts making plans for life after high school and visits a nearby university. However, the university is attacked by a monster that can destroy things with its screams. In the larger mystery, Mr. E gives the gang a box that once belonged to the Darrows, the founding family of Crystal Cove. The contains information about the history of Crystal Cove.
13 When the Cicada Calls Town Monster A Cicada monster attacks the town, particularly the company that makes the snacks that Scooby and Shaggy like.
14 Mystery Solvers Club State Finals Monster Scooby is sick and can't attend the competition for mystery-solving clubs, but he has a dream about going and battling a demon.
15 The Wild Brood Town Mythological Creature When Daphne and Fred's relationship is having problems, Daphne becomes interested in the leader of a biker gang. However, the bikers fall under suspicion when an orc bikers steals a dangerous weapon from an armory in town.
16 Where Walks Aphrodite Town Mythological Creature Everyone in town seems to be under a love spell, and Professor Pericles helps Scooby-Doo to save them.
17 Escape from Mystery Manor Mansion Crazy Criminal The gang goes to the hidden Darrow Mansion to learn the secrets of Crystal Cove, but someone else is in the mansion, trying to kill them as they search.
18 The Dragon's Secret Wizard Shaggy falls for an exchange student called Mai Le, but they are frightened by wizards, one of which warns them away from something called the "Dragon's Heart" and one of which seems to be after Mai Le's ring.
19 Nightfright Mansion Monster Shaggy and Scooby win a contest and get the opportunity to meet Vincent Van Ghoul (from The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo), their favorite horror movie star. At his mansion, they are attacked by a monster that is trying to kill Van Ghoul.
20 The Siren's Song Seaside Monster Velma receives a message from a mermaid, asking her to investigate weird Fish Freaks who are haunting an abandoned oil rig. In the larger mystery, Velma learns the true identity of one of the members of the old mystery-solving group.
21 Menace of the Manticore Amusement Park Mythological Creature The mayor of Crystal Cove acquires an ancient Persian temple for the town's amusement park, "Creepy Spooky Terror Land." Then, a manticore starts eating people who visit the amusement park.
22 Attack of the Headless Horror Ghost A famous adventurer, Dr. Rick Spartan, becomes the gang's biology teacher. He shows the kids a shruken head that he found that is supposedly cursed. Then, the head's body appears and goes after Dr. Spartan.
23 A Haunting in Crystal Cove Monster Someone is after the mayor, who has taken an important artifact that the gang found. The solution to this mystery is an important clue to the larger mystery.
24 Dead Justice Town Ghost The ghost of one of Crystal Cove's past sheriffs appears and tries to make the current sheriff resign.
25 Pawn of Shadows Robot A robotic assassin targets the gang, and the gang finally learns what happened to the earlier group of mystery-solving kids.
26 All Fear the Freak Monster The Freak of Crystal Cove tries to stop the kids' investigations. In finding out who The Freak is, the gang learns the current identities of all of the members of the past mystery-solving gang, but the gang also splits up, apparently going their own separate ways.
27 The Night the Clown Cried Crazy Criminal A clown is terrorizing the town, and Velma manages to reunite most of the members of the gang to stop it.
28 The House of the Nightmare Witch House Witch Velma and "Hot Dog Water" (another girl working with Mr. E) go to Russia to retrieve a piece of an important artifact. They purchase an old house and have it shipped back to Crystal Cove, but it turns out to be Baba Yaga's house and sprouts chicken legs.
29 The Night the Clown Cried II - Tears of Doom! Restaurant Crazy Criminal The clown that was terrifying the town returns and begins kidnapping citizens.
30 Web of the Dreamweaver! Monster Daphne rejoins the gang as they try to stop the Dreamweaver, a monster that comes to people in their dreams and forces them to give up important possessions.
31 The Hodag of Horror Monster A monster called the Hodag (based on folklore from Wisconsin) attacks Crystal Cove. In the larger mystery, the earlier mystery-solving group reunites.
32 Art of Darkness! Museum Possessed Object An artist's work comes to live and attacks museum patrons.
33 The Gathering Gloom Monster A ghoul attacks a horror movie event in Crystal Cove. In the larger mystery, Mr. E and Professor Pericles team up against another member of their old team, Cassidy.
34 Night on Haunted Mountain Mountain Mythological Creature The Dark Lilith is attacking peole on a nearby mountain. In the larger mystery, the gang finds the old galleon that belonged to the conquistadors who buried the cursed treasure beneath the town.
35 Grim Judgement Town Ghost The ghost of a Puritan judge is terrorizing people in town, especially the women.
36 Night Terrors Library Monster A werewolf-like creature is attacking people in a library.
37 The Midnight Zone Mountain Robot A robot attacks Cassidy at her radio station. In the larger mystery, the ganf locates the original, lost settlement at Crystal Cove, and Professor Pericles kills Cassidy.
38 Scarebear Woods Monster A mutant bear stalks the woods around Crystal Cove.
39 Wrath of the Krampus Town Legendary Monster Krampus attacks kids in town when they do bad things, turning their hair white. In the larger mystery, the gang learns that there is an ancient Babylonian prophecy that predicts the Earth will collide with another planet and that this event seems to be approaching.
40 Heart of Evil Robot A robotic dragon attacks the gang, and Blue Falcon and Dynomutt show up to help catch it.
41 Theater of Doom Theater Ghost The ghost of the very first mystery-solving group in Crystal Cove seems to be haunting the theater where the historical society is doing a play about the town's past. In the larger mystery, the gang learns from a real ghost that the animal mascot of each mystery-soving ground since the beginning is the first to be corrupted by the curse and causes the downfall of the entire group, making Scooby seem like an apparent threat.
42 Aliens Among Us Alien Aliens seem to be stealing valuable things around town.
43 The Horrible Herd Monster Professor Pericles creates mutant cattle in order to destroy the town.
44 Dance of the Undead Ghost A ghostly band hynotizes people at a nightclub into dancing so that they are unable to stop.
45 The Devouring Monster A monster attacks a cooking show and various restaurants around town.
46 Stand and Deliver Ghost A ghostly highwayman kidnaps women in town. In the larger mystery, Scooby has a dream that tells him that he and his friends must destroy the cursed treasure.
47 The Man in the Mirror Crazy Criminal A man who looks like Fred takes him into a mirror and shows him a future where Crystal Cove has been destroyed. Meanwhile, a dopledanger of Fred replaces him in the gang.
48 Nightmare in Red Monster The gang tries to use hypnosis to get to the root of the visions and nightmares that Scooby has been having, and they learn that there is an evil entity within the cursed treasure that has managed to manipulate every group of mystery solvers throughout the years. To save themselves and Crystal Cover, they must destroy this evil entity using the Heart of the Jaguar.
49 Dark Night of the Hunters Ancient Enemy The gang goes to the Yucatan to find the Heart of the Jaguar. The gang is attacked by a Mayan Princess, who tries to stop them.
50 Gates of Gloom Crazy Criminal The gang returns home with the Heart of the Jaguar. They find that everyone in town has mysteriously disappeared and learn that they are all now working for Professor Pericles. The door leading to the cursed treasure is opened.
51 Through the Curtain Monster The gang follows Professor Pericles and the remaining members of the earlier mystery-solving group to the cursed treasure. A rock monster tries to attack them, and the evil entity tries to trick them into releasing it. The gang refuses, but Professor Pericles releases the evil entity.
52 Come Undone Monster The evil entity tries to kill Scooby, but Professor Pericles volunteers to become the evil entity's vessel, believing that it will make him more powerful. Scooby destroys the sarcophagus that was holding the evil entity, destroying the entity itself. Crystal Cove is destroyed, but everyone finds themselves in an alternate reality. In this new reality, the evil entity never existed and never corrupted anyone. All of the people who had been corrupted by the evil entity are their normal selves. Professor Pericles is nice, and the earlier mystery-solving group members are living happy lives. All of the people who had died in the other reality are alive, and the gang is ready to go off and find new mysteries to solve.