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The episodes in this series are an hour long (about 40 or 45 minutes without commercials) instead of the usual half hour, and the kids are accompanied on their adventures by various celebrities, including The Harlem Globetrotters, Don Knotts, Sandy Duncan, Dick Van Dyke, and Sonny and Cher. They also had cross-over adventures with other well-known fictional characters like the Addams Family and Batman and Robin.

Modern kids may or may not recognize some of the celebrity guest stars because they're from the 1970's. When they appear, it's under their own names (or character names in the case of Some guest stars appear in more than one episode. Some of the episodes are not available on dvd because of conflicts with the guest stars.

Table of Episodes

This table has descriptions of the episodes in the series. The table is set up so that you can choose which episodes display, limiting the episodes displayed to those with a certain kind of creature in them.

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(Categorizing the ghosts, monsters, and other creatures the gang encounters isn't always straight-forward, but I have some general categories.)

Order Episode Setting Monster Guest Star Description
1 Ghastly Ghost Town Ghost Town Ghost The Three Stooges The gang meets The Three Stooges and gets involved with their new theme park, which turns out to be in a haunted ghost town.
2 The Dynamic Scooby-Doo Affair City Crazy Criminal Batman and Robin The gang meets Batman and Robin and helps them to stop a counterfeiting ring organized by a strange, hooded criminal.
3 Wednesday is Missing Mansion Monster The Addams Family Gomez and Morticia Addams are going on vacation, and they hire the gang to take care of their house and children while they're gone. Then, the house is attacked by a giant vulture, and Wednesday disappears.
4 The Frickert Fracas Farm Possessed Object Jonathan Winters The gang visits Jonathan Winters on a farm and tries to stop a scarecrow from getting hold of a secret formula.
5 Guess Who's Knott Coming to Dinner? Mansion Ghost Don Knotts When the gang seeks shelter from a storm in an old mansion, they encounter a series of bizarre characters and a mysterious ghost.
6 A Good Medium is Rare Mansion Mythological Creature Phyllis Diller The gang finds and returns Phyllis Diller's lost dog and uncover a bizarre plot involving a gargoyle.
7 Sandy Duncan's Jekyll and Hyde Movie Set Monster Sandy Duncan A series of monsters attack Sandy Duncan on the set of her latest movie.
8 The Secret of Shark Island Hotel Monster Sonny and Cher While the gang stays at a seaside hotel, they meet Sonny and Cher and have encounters with a shark monster called Pescado Diabolico.
9 The Spooky Fog of Juneberry Small Town Ghost Don Knotts In a parody on Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show, the gang encounters a mysterious fog and the skeleton and ghosts that come with it. There are secrets hidden in the town's Boothill Cemetery, and crimes to be uncovered!
10 The Ghost of Bigfoot (aka Scooby-Doo Meets Laurel and Hardy) Hotel Legendary Monster Laurel and Hardy The gang goes to a ski resort and meets up with Laurel and Hardy, who are there to get jobs as bellhops in the hotel. However the ghost of Bigfoot is trying to frighten everyone away.
11 The Ghost of the Red Baron Farm Ghost The Three Stooges Curly Joe from The Three Stooges gets a job as a crop duster on a farm, but he needs the gang's help when it turns out that the farm is haunted by the ghost of the Red Baron.
12 The Ghostly Creep from the Deep Ship Ghost The Harlem Globetrotters The Harlem Globetrotters help the gang to investigate a ship of ghostly pirates. The pirates in this episode look like the ones from the Scooby-Doo Where Are You episode, Go Away Ghost Ship, but they're all a glowing white.
13 The Haunted Horseman of Hagglethorn Hall Mansion Ghost Davy Jones The rock star Davy Jones inherits a mansion that has been transported from Britain to America, but it's haunted by a ghostly knight.
14 The Phantom of the Country Music Hall Concert Possessed Object Jerry Reed The gang goes to hear a Jerry Reed concert, but he mysteriously disappears, possibly the victim of possessed mannequins.
15 The Caped Crusader Caper Forest Mythological Creature Batman and Robin The gang is camping out in the woods when Shaggy and Scooby spot the Joker and Penguin. The gang teams up with Batman and Robin to rescue Professor Flaky from them, but a dryad and troll interfere.
16 The Loch Ness Mess Mansion Ghost The Harlem Globetrotters In spite of the name, the episode takes place on the East Coast of the United States, not Scotland. The gang invites the Harlem Globetrotters to join them at Shaggy's Uncle Nat's house. There, they face ghosts from the Revolutionary War and a sea monster.
17 The Mystery of Haunted Island Mansion Ghost The Harlem Globetrotters The gang and the Harlem Globetrotters want to have a picnic on an island, but they board a ship that turns out to be haunted and takes them to an island with a frightening old mansion. Can the gang figure out what's going on and help the Globetrotters get to their next big game?
18 The Haunted Showboat Showboat Ghost Josie and the Pussycats The gang gets lost on their way to a Tom Sawyer festival, and they meet up with Josie and the Pussycats near an old showboat that seems to be haunted.
19 Mystery in Persia Ancient Persia Mythical Creature Jeannie (from I Dream of Jeannie) Jeannie the genii brings the gang back in time to prevent an evil djinn from preventing a young prince from becoming sultan.
20 The Spirit Spooked Sports Show School Ghost Tim Conway The gang helps Tim Conway, a coach, to catch the ghost of an athlete who has returned to haunt his former school.
21 The Exterminator Mansion Monster Don Adams Don Adams (who played Smart in Get Smart!) has been hired as an exterminator and has to service the home of an actor who starred in horror movies. However, the place is filled with monsters and creepy characters, and he's going to need the gang's help!
22 The Weird Winds of Winona Small Town Crazy Criminal Speedy Buggy Crew The gang meets up with the crew from Speed Buggy in a town with a vanishing population.
23 The Haunted Candy Factory Factory Monster Cass Elliot Cass Elliot from The Mamas and the Papas (a music group) has opened a candy factory, but it's overrun by strange Green Globs. Can the gang help her to stop them?
24 The Haunted Carnival Carnival Ghost Dick Van Dyke Dick Van Dyke is running a carnival, but it's being haunted by the ghost of a strongman.