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The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show

The second part of this series aired under the title of The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries. Sometimes, I've seen episodes for sale as part of the Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo series. The series follows basically the same format as Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo, but many episodes feature two shorter episodes instead of a single half-hour story. There are some regular, half-hour episodes in the series, but most follow the format of having two short episodes together.

I've also noticed that the premises for a number of the episodes from this series were also used for later series, such as What's New, Scooby-Doo? and Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!.

Table of Episodes

This table has descriptions of the episodes in the series. The table is set up so that you can choose which episodes display, limiting the episodes displayed to those with a certain kind of creature in them.

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(Categorizing the ghosts, monsters, and other creatures the gang encounters isn't always straight-forward, but I have some general categories.)

Order Episode Setting Monster Description
1.1 Scooby the Barbarian Archaeological Dig Ghost The gang searches for a missing archaeologist and encounters Viking ghosts.
1.2 No Sharking Zone Beach Monster A Great White Shark and a Seaweed Monster try to frighten people away from a surfing contest.
2.1 Scoobygeist Mansion Ghost The gang has to spend a night in a haunted mansion.
2.2 The Quagmire Quake Caper Mexico Monster A mud monster seems to be causing earthquakes.
3.1 Hound of the Scoobyvilles Mansion Ghost Barkerville Hall in Scotland is haunted by a ghostly hound.
3.2 The Dinosaur Deception Archaeological Dig Monster A dinosaur kidnaps an archaeologist.
4.1 The Creature Came From Chem Lab School Monster Daphne's cousin's school is being terrorized by a chemical monster.
4.2 No Thanks, Masked Manx Costume Party Monster The gang attends a costume party given by Daphne's parents, but one of the creatures they see isn't what he seems.
5.1 Scooby of the Jungle Game Reserve Monster Animals are disappearing from a game reserve, and the gang confronts an ape man.
5.2 Scooby-Doo And Cyclops, Too Monster The gang is on another road trip, but a gas station ower tells them that people in the area are being turned into zombies.
6.1 Scooby Roo Australia Ancient Enemy The gang is in Australia, and a Neanderthal seems to be stealing sheep.
6.2 Scooby's Gold Medal Gambit Sporting Event Crazy Criminal A criminal who is also a master of disguise escapes and tries to steal sporting medals.
7.1 Wizards and Warlocks Role-Playing Game Wizard Scrappy likes the role-playing game "Wizards and Warlocks" (a take-off on Dungeons and Dragons), but a game becomes dangerous when they have to face a wizard in order to save the other players.
7.2 Scoobsie Crazy Criminal A phantom kidnaps the star of a soap opera, and Scooby acts as bait to catch the kidnapper, disguising himself as a woman.
8.1 The Mark of Scooby Dream Crazy Criminal After watching a play about a masked hero, Scooby has a dream about rescuing his friends from unscrupulous tax collectors.
8.2 The Crazy Carnival Caper School Carnival Crazy Criminal At their high school carnival, Daphne and Shaggy, with the help of Scooby and Scrappy, search for a missing teacher and try to stop a clown from stealing a valuable ruby.
9.1 Scooby and the Minotaur Greece Mythological Creature On a trip to Greece, the gang helps treasure hunters who are looking for the Golden Fleece when they are attacked by a minotaur.
9.2 Scooby Pinch Hits Stadium Ghost The ghost of a former player returns to haunt a baseball stadium.
10.1 The Fall Dog Movie Set Monster The gang is doing stunts for a movie, but the set is sabotaged by a gremlin.
10.2 The Scooby Coupe Car Show Possessed Object The gang goes to a car show to interview a car-maker, but his new sports car seems to be haunted.
11.1 Who's Minding the Monster? Transylvania Legendary Monster The gang gets a job babysitting for Dracula's child because the usual babysitter, Frankenstein, is missing. This time, the monsters are real!
11.2 Scooby a la Mode Paris Ghost The kids go to a catering school in Paris to interview the owner, but the school is being haunted by its founder.
12 Where's Scooby-Doo? Train Legendary Monster Daphne and Shaggy are traveling on board a train when Scooby mysteriously disappears and a frightening mummy shows up.
13 Wedding Bell Boos! Wedding Ghost Shaggy's sister is getting married, but the ghost of a pilgrim ancestor seems to be trying to stop the wedding.
14 Happy Birthday, Scooby-Doo Television Studio Crazy Criminal As a special birthday treat, Scooby gets to participate in a tv show in the style of "This is Your Life," but The Red Skull, a villain Scooby defeated before, terrorizes the program and steals the diamond that he failed to steal before.
15.1 Scooby's Peep-Hole Pandemonium Mansion Monster The gang goes to interview a reclusive and encounters her frightening servants. Then, the actress's jewels are stolen, and the gang must find the thief!
15.2 The Hand of Horror Mansion Possessed Object The gang gets lost on a tirp and stops at a mansion with a pair of arguing twins and frightening, disembodied hand.
16.1 Scoo-Be or Not Scoo-Be? Hotel Ghost The gang is on a trip to Denmark. It's bad enough that their hotel is being terrorized by sea demons, but then the ghost of Hamlet also appears. What is going on?
16.2 The Stoney Glare Stare Greece Mythological Creature Shaggy, Daphne, and the dogs are in Greece, and they help a spy to search for a missing professor. They have to stop an evil plot to turn people to stone.
17.1 Mission Un-Doo-Able Crazy Criminal The gang has to stop an evil plot to take over the world.
17.2 The Bee Team Farm Monster Giant bees terrorize a honey farm.
18.1 Doom Service Hotel Ghost The ghost of a former owner is driving guests away from a hotel.
18.2 A Code in the Nose Department Store Crazy Criminal At the request of the military, the gang goes to a department store, where a villain has hidden a secret decoding device.
19 Ghost of the Ancient Astronauts South America Alien While on an expedition to retrieve a rare artifact, the gang is confronted by ancient aliens.
20.1 The Night of the Living Toys Toy Store Possessed Object Toys in a toy store seem to be coming to life.
20.2 South Pole Vault Antarctica Monster A professor asks the gang to help figure out who or what is sabotaging his research expedition.
21 A Halloween Hassle at Dracula's Castle Castle Ghost The gang has to help Dracula and other monsters to deal with a ghost on Halloween night.
22 A Night Louse at the White House The White House Ghost Velma is now working for NASA, and she invites her friends to a dinner at the White House where they will be discussing NASA's new space station. However, the ghosts of past presidents appear, and White House paintings disappear.
23.1 The 'Dooby Dooby Doo' Ado Las Vegas Crazy Criminal Scooby visits a relative in Las Vegas, but someone seems to be after him and his special collar.
23.2 Showboat Scooby Ghost While visiting another relative, Scooby and his friends have to stop a ghost who seems to be after an emerald necklace.
24 Sherlock Doo London Ghost The ghost of Sherlock Holmes appears at a mystery-solvers' contest in London.
25.1 A Scary Duel With a Cartoon Ghoul Monster A cartoon monster, Monster Mutt, comes to life.
25.2 E.I.E.I.O Farm Monster Old MacDonald's Experimental Institute for Evolutionary Improvement of Organisms (E.I.E.I.O) seems to have produced a giantic mouse that is now terrorizing the farm.
26 The Nutcracker Scoob Orphanage Ghost The gang is helping a orphanage to put on their annual Christmas play when an old miser shows up to try to take control of the orphanage and a ghost appears. Both seem to want the same thing: a hidden treasure.