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The series takes place when the gang is much younger. In the original series, the four kids were in their late teens, late high school or early college age (they never really specify). In this series, they are junior high age, and Scooby-Doo is a puppy. They call their gang the "Scooby-Doo Detective Agency" and solve mysteries in their hometown, Coolsville.

The show is more light-hearted and humorous than the earlier Scooby-Doo series, even poking fun at itself and some of the more typical traits of the characters. Although Fred tries to be in charge of the gang, he tends to guess wrong about who the villains are and often forgets important things, even after his friends remind him, sometimes several times. Generally, Fred doesn't seem as smart as in earlier series, and Daphne is frequently the one who corrects him. Daphne seems less accident-prone than she is in other series, but she is just as interested in her appearance, frequently complaining when investigating a mystery causes her clothes or shoes to get dirty. Velma is still the genius of the group, and the characters make a point that Velma rarely talks, unless she has discovered something important or has something important to say. Velma also drives the motorized skateboard that the kids use to get around (because they're all too young to drive and don't have the Mystery Machine yet) and she seems like a real speed demon when she does. Of the usual characters, Scooby and Shaggy seem to have changed the least. Scooby has a dog house that has an extensive mansion-like underground portion.

There are some recurring characters in the series, like Red Herring (a school bully that Fred usually suspects of being the bad guy, even though he usually isn't the monster in disguise) and Jenkins (the butler who works for Daphne's wealthy family, whom she calls to do things for her that she doesn't want to do). Unlike most of the other series, the kids' parents also appear regularly. Velma's parents look very much like her, and Shaggy's father is a police officer.

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Order Episode Setting Monster Crime Description
1 A Bicycle Built for Boo! Town Ghost Counterfeiting A green ghost steals Shaggy's bicycle, and the kids discover that more than one crime has been committed.
2 The Sludge Monster from the Earth's Core House Monster Theft There's a monster in Scooby's doghouse! Who is it, and what does he want?
3 Wanted Cheddar Alive Factory Monster Sabotage Scooby insists that his friends help to catch the cheese monster terrorizing the Scooby Snacks factory.
4 The Schnook Who Took My Comic Book Convention Monster Theft A giant frog monster steals a rare first edition of a comic book that Shaggy wanted to buy at a convention.
5 For Letter or Worse TV Show Set Ghost Sabotage Shaggy and Scooby get to participate in a game show, but the show may be ruined by the appearance of a ghostly gangster.
6 The Babysitter From Beyond House Monster Theft Shaggy and his friends drop Shaggy's little sister off at a babysitter's house, but something is very wrong there. It seems like a monster from the movies has come to life!
7 Now Museum, Now You Don't Museum Ghost Theft The gang goes to a museum, and a pair of ancient samurai swords disappears. The people at the museum suspect Shaggy and Scooby of taking them, but they know that it was the ghost of a Samurai warlord. Can they prove it and get the swords back?
8 Snow Place Like Home Ski Resort Ghost Theft The gang goes on a ski trip and encounters an Ice Demon.
9 Scooby Dude Beach Ghost Smuggling The gang searches for dolphins that were stolen from Velma's aunt's aquarium and encounter a headless skateboarder.
10 Ghost Who's Coming to Dinner House Ghost Fraud The gang encounters a real haunted house while trick-or-treating, but the ghost there asks them to solve a mystery for him in order to save the house that he's haunting from destruction.
11 The Story Stick Camping Possessed Object Theft The gang goes on a camping trip on an Indian Reservation, where they learn the secrets behind a totem pole that has come to life.
12 Robopup Mansion Ghost Theft Someone has stolen Daphne's belongings from her wealthy family's mansion.
13 Lights... Camera... Monster Shopping Mall Monster Theft The gang discovers that a movie monster has apparently come to life and is terrorizing the local mall.
14 Curse of the Collar Ghost Theft Scooby's parents give him a special collar as a present, but it is stolen by the ghost of a dogcatcher.
15 The Return of Commander Cool Alien Theft The gang is trying to catch an alien monster when Shaggy accidentally hits his head and starts believing that he is actually Commander Cool, a comic book superhero.
16 The Spirit of Rock 'n Roll Ghost Sabotage The ghost of a rock star seems to be trying to sabotage the career of a new rock star.
17 Chickenstein Lives Monster Fencing Stolen Goods Fred's uncle owns a newspaper (really, a tabloid) called the "National Exaggerator." Fred loves the paper, but it's being attacked by a giant chicken monster.
18 Night of the Living Burger Restaurant Monster Revenge Local fast food restaurants are being attacked by a giant hamburger.
19 The Computer Walks Among Us School Robot Sabotage The gang has to help Velma to stop her new invention, a robotic super computer, which seems to have a mind of its own and has gone on a rampage.
20 Dog Gone Scooby Town Crazy Criminal Misunderstanding Scooby runs away because he feels like no one pays attention to him. However, his friends really care and go looking for him. Meanwhile, a woman who looks like a mad scientist has taken a strange interest in Scooby. But, who is she really?
21 Terror, Thy Name is Zombo Amusement Park Ghost Sabotage The gang visits an amusement park that is being haunted by a ghostly clown.
22 Night of the Boogey Biker Ghost Theft Fred is in the habit of accusing Red Herring, a local bully, of various crimes. However, Red usually isn't guilty of the things Fred accuses him of going, so Daphne makes a deal with Fred that he'll stop accusing Red of things for a full day. Then, Red's aunt asks the kids to find her missing bike. How can Fred keep from accusing Red of the crime that he's most likely to have committed?
23 Dawn of the Spooky Shuttle Scare Space Center Ghost Sabotage Velma's new invention is actually going to go into space on the next shuttle launch! Unless the launch is canceled because of the appearance of a ghost.
24 Horror of the Haunted Hairpiece Video Arcade Monster Sabotage Daphne's father gives her a job working at a video arcade that he owns, but the arcade is attacked by a monster.
25 Wrestle Maniacs Wrestling Arena Ghost Fraud The Coolsville Wrestling Federation is being haunted by the ghost of a former wrestler.
26 The Were-Doo of Doo Manor Mansion Monster Fraud There is a curse on Scooby-Doo's family. The curse of the Were-Doo! Apparently, an ancestor of theirs was turned into a Were-Doo by an evil sorcerer, and the same curse was also passed on to other generations of the Doo family, wne they go to their ancestral home ... including Scooby!
27 Catcher on the Sly Crazy Criminal Revenge Scooby confronts an old enemy.
28 The Ghost of Mrs. Shusham Library Ghost Theft Shaggy discovers that he has a book that he checked out from the library a long time ago and never returned, and the ghost of a librarian comes to steal the book.
29 The Wrath of Waitro Restaurant Shaggy and Scooby confront a terrible waiter at a restaurant, imagining themselves as their favorite superheroes for inspiration.
30 Mayhem of the Moving Mollusk New York Monster Sabotage The gang tries to help a monster hunting business in New York deal with a giant snail.