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The show returned to a format closer to the original series, with the the gang traveling around in the Mystery Machine and solving mysteries in different locations. However, the appearance of the characters was somewhat updated so the styles of the clothes were more modern. The series kept a light-hearted, comedic tone and some aspects of the characters' personalities were expanded or altered slightly: Daphne was still a little accident prone and into fashion and celebrity gossip, but she seemed smarter and less helpless, and she acquired some technical skills with the ability to pick locks or throw together some clever devices based on random things found in her purse; Fred became a little less sharp in some ways, still the leader who comes up with plans and traps but with more comedic elements such as his inability to learn to speak any foreign language; and Velma acquired some interests in sports which she didn't have in previous series (she turns out to be a big hockey fan), demonstrates a severe fear of clowns, and fawns over a French movie actor (being a fan of romantic foreign films). The series pokes fun at some of the characters' usual traits, having them sometimes change abruptly because of the circumstances of the current case.

Some episodes also poke fun at or change up the usual format of the episode, like having the gang decide to trap the bad guy before figuring out his identity (which tends not to work because there's something about the villain that they haven't figured out yet). The shows also reworks ideas from episodes in earlier series or makes references to past series, like in the episode that explains why Velma is afraid of clowns, which contains a flashback of the kids' youth in which the characters look the way they did in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo.

Like in the The New Scooby-Doo Movies, some episodes also have celebrity guest stars, especially the members of Simple Plan, who not only appear in an episode, but also performed the theme song for the series. A couple of their other songs are also used for chase scene music.

There are some recurring characters as well:

  • Elliot Blender - A boy who competes against Velma in science competitions, appears in 2 episodes
  • Melbourne O'Reilly - An Australian explorer/adventurer Fred idolizes, appears in 2 episodes
  • Gibby Norton - A creepy young scientist with a crush on Velma, appears in 2 episodes
  • Professor Ostwald - An eccentric inventor, appears in 2 episodes
  • J.J. Hakimoto - An overly-enthusiastic director, appears in 2 episodes
  • Mr. B - The owner of a prize-winning dog, Crissie, and her six puppies, who are called The Secret Six. The Secret Six, as future dog show winners, are all named after words associated with gold: Maise, Knox, Flax, Jingle, 14 Karat, and Bling-bling. They appear in 3 episodes.

Table of Episodes

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(Categorizing the ghosts, monsters, and other creatures the gang encounters isn't always straight-forward, but I have some general categories.)

Order Episode Setting Monster Crime Description
1 There's No Creature Like Snow Creature Ski Resort Monster Sabotage The gang is at a ski resort for a snowboarding competition. However, people are leaving the competition because of a snow monster. This is one of the episodes that features recurring character Nancy Chang as a reporter.
2 3-D Struction Museum Ancient Enemy Theft The gang attends the opening of a museum exhibit about dinosaurs in Costa Rica, but an old legend surrounding the dinosaur bones in the exhibit seems to have come to life. This is the episode where recurring characters J.J. Hakimoto and Melbourne O'Reilly are introduced.
3 Space Ape at the Cape Space Shuttle Launch Alien Sabotage Velma wins a science competition, where the prize is to see her science project launched into space on the next space shuttle flight. However, the sudden appearance of an alien creature may mean that the shuttle launch will be cancelled. This episode introduces recurring character Elliot Blender.
4 Big Scare in the Big Easy Cemetery Ghost Fraud The gang goes to New Orleans for Mardi Gras during Spring Break and stays at a bed and breakfast near a cemetery that is haunted by ghosts from the Civil War.
5 It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine Town Possessed Object Fraud Suddenly, the Mystery Machine seems to have developed a mind of its own, driving itself around town, glowing ghostly green. As the gang researches the van's past to learn more about its history, they learn that it once belonged to a musician, Flash Flannigan, who played keyboard for a pair of young singers called The Mystery Kids. Flash Flannigan has since died, but The Mystery Kids are about to stage a comeback. Could this be the reason for the haunting of the Mystery Machine?
6 Riva Ras Regas Hotel Ghost Sabotage After winning a contest to meet Lindsay Pagano (guest star) at a performance in Las Vegas, the gang discovers that the ghost of a magician who once performed at that location and apparently died during a stunt has returned to haunt the place. Nancy Chang appears again as the reporter covering both the magician's supposed death and Lindsay Pagano's possibly haunted performance.
7 Roller Ghoster Ride Amusement Park Monster Sabotage Shaggy and Scooby win a contest to design a new roller coaster for a an amusement park and discover that a monster has been sabotaging rides at the park.
8 Safari, So Goodi! Jungle Possessed Object Theft The gang goes on a video safari, but they end up stranded in the jungle with animals that seem possessed by some unseen force.
9 She Sees Sea Monsters by the Sea Shore Beach Monster Sabotage The gang goes to relax at Daphne's father's time share beach house and learn that a sea monster is terrorizing the tourists.
10 A Scooby-Doo! Christmas Small Town Possessed Object Treasure Hunt The gang gets lost on their way to where they were planning to spent Christmas and ends up in a town where people are afraid to celebrate Christmas because every year a demonic snowman shows up and goes on a rampage, destroying chimneys in old houses all over town. What does the snowman really want, and can the gang catch the snowman in time for Christmas?
11 Toy Scary Boo Shopping Mall Possessed Object Theft Velma needs to buy a toy astronaut for her younger cousin's birthday, but at the toy store, she is told that she can't because the toys have been coming to life and rampaging through the shopping mall. Can the gang discover what is making the toys come to life and stop it?
12 Lights! Camera! Mayhem! Movie Set Ghost Sabotage Velma's aunt is an accountant at a movie studio, so Velma can take her friends to see the studio, meet some stars, and watch the filming of a teen spy movie. However, the movie is a remake of an older film, and the ghost of star of the original movie has returned to haunt the set, trying to put a stop to the remake.
13 Pompeii and Circumstance Archaeological Ruins Legendary Monster Fraud While on a trip to Italy, the gang visits Pompeii and must stop a zombie gladiator and learn what is causing Vesuvius to act up.
14 The Unnatural Stadium Ghost Sabotage Fred wins a contest to meet a baseball player, Luis Santiago, right before a big game where he will try to break a record for home runs. However, the ghost of the previous record holder has appeared to his attempt. Mike Piazza guest stars.
15 Big Appetite in Little Tokyo Tokyo, Japan Monster Revenge Velma wins another science competition and gets a trip to Japan for her and her friends to tour a robotics factory. But, when it seems like Shaggy has eaten a pizza cursed by an old mystic, a giant monster that looks like Shaggy begins rampaging through the city. The gang can't even definitely prove that Shaggy isn't turning into a monster because he never has an alibi during the time that the monster appears. Is Shaggy really cursed, or is something else going on? Elliot Blender appears again as a competitor in the science competition. (Be sure to watch for the moment when the police are looking for the gang and their police sketches appear on a news broadcast. The police sketches are drawn anime style because, you know, they're all cartoon characters in Japan. Ha, ha!)
16 Mummy Scares Best Archaeological Dig Legendary Monster Fraud The gang joins Melbourne O'Reilly in Egypt, where he is investigating some pyramids. However, the mummy of an ancient pharaoh has come to life and is putting tourists under his spell.
17 The Fast and the Wormious Race Monster Sabotage The gang is taking part in an off-road race in Mexico when a giant worm begins attacking the racers. This episode introduces recurring character Gibby Norton.
18 High-Tech House of Horrors Fair Possessed Object Attention-Getting Device The gang attends a technology fair where people disappear in a new high-tech house. The house seems to have come to life and is operating independently of its creator. This episode introduces recurring character Professor Ostwald.
19 The Vampire Strikes Back Castle Legendary Monster Revenge The gang goes to see the Hex Girls (a music group introduced in one of the Scooby-Doo movies and also appears in other series) while they're working on a new music video at a castle in Transylvania. The castle is apparently being haunted by a vampire. Surprisingly, the gang manages to capture the vampire very quickly. However, just when it looks like they've solved the problem, the vampire returns again, and the gang realizes that they're more to the mystery than they'd realized.
20 A Scooby-Doo Halloween Farm Ghost Attention-Getting Device The kids go to visit Velma's aunt and uncle in a small town which holds an incredible Halloween celebration with KISS performing. However, the town's founder, Hank Banning, swore that he would return from the dead and haunt the town on this particular Halloween. It seems like his threat is coming true when strange symbols are cut into the surrounding cornfields and scarecrows come to life and go on a rampage. The gang doesn't really believe that it's Hank's ghost doing all of this, but who's really behind it?
21 Homeward Hound Dog Show Monster Sabotage Daphne says that, rather than going to see the antique torture exhibit at Fred's uncle's spooky castle near a coffin factory, they should let Scooby choose their next destination, suggesting that he might like a dog show better. Scooby eagerly accepts the offer to go to the dog show, but upon arriving, they discover that the show is being threatened by a cat creature. Then, someone kidnaps some prize-winning puppies and Scooby-Doo! This is the episode that introduces Mr. B, his dog Crissie, and her puppies, The Secret Six.
22 The San Franpsycho San Francisco Ghost Sabotage The gang attends a skateboarding competition which is being haunted by the ghost of an escapee from Alcatraz. Ryan Sheckler guest stars.
23 Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman Ghost Town Crazy Criminal Sabotage The gang is on their way to see Simple Plan at the Montreal Rock Festival when they find that the band's bus crashed and they need rescuing. The band explains that an invisible man tried to hijack their bus. It sounds weird, but after the gang offers the band a lift, the invisible madman sabotages the Mystery Machine. With no other form of transportation, they all seek help at a ghost town that's being remade into a resort. However, the Invisible Madman is still with them. Who is he, and can anything stop him? The band members guest star as themselves.
24 Recipe for Disaster Factory Monster Revenge Shaggy wins a contest that allows him to bring his friends to the Scooby Snack Factory for a tour. However, corporate spies have been sneaking around the factory, and a monster made of out snack batter is scaring people away. The very existence of Scooby Snacks is threatened!
25 Large Dragon at Large Renaissance Fair Legendary Monster Treasure Hunting The gang is visiting a Renaissance Fair in Scotland that is being attacked by a legendary dragon. However, both the dragon and its legend are not quite what they seem.
26 Uncle Scooby and Antarctica Antarctica Monster Conspiracy Cover-Up As part of their volunteer work at the zoo, Shaggy and Scooby volunteer to accompany a penguin that is going to be returned to the wild in Antarctica, and their friends come with them. However, the science station in Antarctica is nearly abandoned when they arrive, and they are told that a strange fish creature attacked a professor there, freezing him in ice.
27 New Mexico, Old Monster Native American Reservation Monster Conspiracy Cover-Up The gang is on their way to an art exhibition, where Shaggy will be showing his sculpture of Scooby, when they decide to stop off and visit a friend of Shaggy's, Jimmy Proudwolf. However, the reservation where Jimmy lives is terrified of a giant legendary bird that has already carried off someone from the reservation. Shaggy and his friends step in to help rescue the missing man and discover the secret behind the bird. One of the fun things about this episode is that there are Looney Tunes jokes. Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner appear at the beginning, and Tweety appears as a picture on a bird watcher's list of sightings.
28 It's All Greek to Scooby Greece Mythological Creature Treasure Hunting The gang is on vacation in Greece when Shaggy buys a "lucky amulet" in a marketplace. The amulet turns out to be unlucky because it attracts the attention of a centaur who follows them everywhere they go. Also, for some reason, they are frequently pursued by a guy on a moped. What does he want? With Fred's (lack of) language skills, will they ever find out?
29 Fright House of a Lighthouse Lake Ghost Sabotage The gang visits Fred's uncle, who lives in Wisconsin, by one of the Great Lakes. However, their town is in danger because the ghost of an old lighthouse keeper has returned and keeps interfering with the light from the lighthouse. Without it, ships won't be able to get into the port in town, and the town could be ruined! Plus, there's also a ghost ship out on the lake. Are the two connected? Velma is also somewhat distracted by a local mystery solver, Verona Dempsey, who is somewhat like a passive aggressive version of Velma herself.
30 Go West, Young Scoob Western Town Robot Accident The gang goes to an old western town that has been remade into a resort where people can live out Wild West fantasies, fighting robotic outlaws. However, the robots seem to have gone haywire. Why, and how can they be stopped?
31 A Scooby-Doo Valentine Town Crazy Criminal Revenge The gang returns to their home town only to learn that young people who have been visiting Lovers Lane have been vanishing, and the gang themselves are the primary suspects! They join with the police to try to prove their innocence.
32 Wrestle Maniacs Stadium Monster Conspiracy Cover-Up The gang goes to see a wrestling match, but the wrestlers are reluctant to go through with it because a former wrestler has returned as deformed mutant and is attacking the other wrestlers.
33 Ready to Scare Paris Mythological Creature Conspiracy Cover-Up Daphne's cousin, Danika, is a model who is supposed to be Model of the Year at a Fashion Show in Paris, but she has been abducted by a gargoyle!
34 Farmed and Dangerous Farm Ghost Sabotage The gang visits Mr. B and The Secret Six puppies on their farm but a demon farmer is going on the rampage, and Mr. B appears to be hiding something.
35 Diamonds Are a Ghoul's Best Friend Stadium Ghost Theft The gang goes to see a hockey game in Russia, but the ghost of a former player shows up to steal the trophy!
36 A Terrifying Round with a Menacing Metallic Clown Mini-Golf Course Robot Conspiracy Cover-Up Shaggy is taking part in a miniature golf competition, but the clown who is supposed to be one of the obstacles on the course has come to life and is going after the players. In a role reversal, Shaggy's determination to complete the competition causes him to put aside his usual fear and become the driving force behind the gang's investigation, while Velma's fear of clowns (due to a childhood trauma, as shown in a flashback done in the style of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo) causes her to take over Shaggy's cowardly role.
37 Camp Comeoniwannascareya Camp Monster Sabotage Scooby and Shaggy (without Freddy, Velma, and Daphne) are counselors at a summer camp. They're looking forward to a fright-free summer, but the camp is terrorized by a monster called The Toxic Terror, supposedly created because the camp was built on top of a toxic waste dump. However, Scooby and Shaggy want to save the summer camp, so they track down the monster with the help of the kids in their cabin.
38 Block-Long Hong Kong Horror Hong Kong Legendary Monster Theft The gang is visiting Hong Kong, hoping to get Shaggy's broken rubber duck fixed, when they witness a dragon stealing of an ancient candy ring from a famous toy store where it was being displayed. The dragon goes on to attack other toy stores owned by the same man, and the gang eventually realizes that its real target is ... Scooby and Shaggy!
39 Gentlemen, Start Your Monsters! Race Monster Sabotage Fred is taking part in a car race but skeleton driving a monster truck is targeting drivers in the race.
40 Gold Paw Fort Knox Monster Theft The gang is visiting Mr. B and The Secret Six puppies at Fort Knox, where a friend of Mr. B is stationed. A gold-colored monster that has the ability to turn people into gold is sneaking around the base. Meanwhile, The Secret Six puppies are behaving strangely, and Scooby and Shaggy are concerned with the welfare of the nearby Gold-Ade factory, whose existence is threatened by the military exercises at the fort.
41 Reef Grief! Beach Monster Conspiracy Cover-Up Scooby and Shaggy are taking part in a sandcastle competition on a beach in Australia. However, a strange coral creature has been sighted in the area, and someone has been abducting and hypnotizing the sandcastle builders.
42 E-Scream Convention Monster Attention-Getting Device The gang attends a video game convention, and Velma bumps into Professor Ostwald, who is unveiling a new virtual reality mystery game and the new toys that he has created. However, the toys come to life and go on a rampage. Or do they?